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Young people

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The mission of youth work is to utilise various methods in creating the premises for developing young people’s life situations.
The goal is to take advantage of a collaborative network in providing a functional and stimulating growth environment for the youth of Pyhäjärvi.

Camps, trips, events
The purpose of camps, trips and events is to offer young people experiences in different hobby forms and to allow them to meet new people in new environments. We strive to carry out activities based on the wishes and thoughts of young people.

For information on youth work events, see social media platforms and the town event calendar:

Organisation work
Pyhäjärvi houses a variety of organisations that offer many kinds of leisure activities for young people. It’s also possible to take a stand on societal issues via these organisations.

Contact information

Youth Office
Asematie 4, 86800 Pyhäsalmi

Executive Leisure Activity Coordinator
Juha Aho
tel. 044 4457 605