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Joint service desk

In addition to town services, the joint service desk offers assisting customer service by the Employment and Business Services (Työ- ja elinkeinopalvelut, TE).

The joint service desk provides customer services mainly related to making applications and counselling; the relevant decisions themselves are always made at a TE office. The joint service desk offers assisting customer service, e.g. handing out brochures and forms, beginner counselling, receiving applications and guidance on how to use electronic web services.
The joint service desk provides a client computer equipped with Internet connection and an electronic ID card reader. Clients can use the computer to search for information on e.g. open jobs or register themselves as job applicants.

Long-distance service means service provided by an official via videoconference devices or software installed on the computer.
At the joint service desk, clients can contact officials of another locale’s TE office via video if a videoconference date has been agreed upon beforehand between the official and the client.

The opening hours of the joint service desk can be changed temporarily based on a decision by the town administration due to annual leaves, other absences, IT issues or other compelling reasons.
Abnormal opening hours are displayed on the front page of the town’s website.
The joint service desk is located at the town hall (straight to the left after the main door), and is open (on working days) as follows:
MON–WED & FRI, 09.00–11.00 and 12.00–15.00
and THU, 08.00–15.30