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The task of the department of culture is to support and produce such diverse and open cultural activities in collaboration with different operators that arise from the needs of citizens and communities of all ages. The department of culture arranges art exhibitions in collaboration with the town library. The department focuses on nurturing the local cultural tradition and preserving the town’s way of life.

These activities are aimed at pre-empting any threats to the citizens’ health and well-being.
The department of culture is responsible for maintaining the Perinnepiha Inn.
Running and maintaining the Makasiini Museum is the responsibility of the Pyhäjärvi-Seura association.
See the event calendar for information on concerts, art exhibitions and other culture events.
Basic education in art is provided in collaboration with Dance Adacemy Uusikuu, Jokilatva Academy and Jokilaaksot Music School.

Service at the department of culture
Cultural Secretary Eila Rajala
tel. 044 4457 606