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Callio is a globally unique multidisciplinary operating environment. It offers a diverse range of opportunities for success for new and innovative projects and established operators seeking new horizons alike, as well as for training and R&D.

Callio is located in the Pyhäsalmi Mine, 1,445 metres underground, and the surrounding areas. The facilities of Callio are located in one of the deepest known places in Europe.

When mining activities end, Callio will provide businesses with a unique, safe and stable – even when measured against the most stringent global indicators – environment to start or expand successful business. The unique nature of the operating environment will be a valuable asset to businesses located at Callio.

For training and R&D, Callio offers an underground laboratory and testing environment that cannot be found anywhere else. In fact, the infrastructure of Callio has already been used for versatile research for dozens of years. The facilities also allow for extensive experiments.


Contact information
Town of Pyhäjärvi
Ollintie 26
86801 Pyhäsalmi

Chief Development Officer (CDO)
Sakari Nokela
tel. 040 180 9511

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