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We’ll make it happen! 
Welcome to the website of the town of Pyhäjärvi! Pyhäjärvi can offer you excellent possibilities for a life of well-being. In addition to nature and creativity, we’ll also offer for your convenience such services as the ice stadium, golf course, bowling alley, swimming pools, well-maintained skiing tracks as well as fantastic hiking country and fishing spots.
In addition to being creative, Pyhäjärvi is now the most innovative place in Finland as well. Europe’s deepest metal mine, the Pyhäsalmi Mine, operates in our town. Underground activities in the mine will cease by 2019, which we see passionately as a great opportunity. The business district Callio, based on unique underground infrastructure and know-how, is being developed in the mining area. This district is set to become Finland’s top underground success story. Here in Pyhäjärvi, we value determined, new and creative business activities.
From the point of view of logistics and tourism, we’re positioned excellently in the hub of Finland, midway between Jyväskylä and Oulu. Thanks to our logistically feasible location, we’re developing Transpark, a business and know-how centre based on traffic, logistics and commerce, at the crossroads of highways 4 and 27. 
Our town is known for its many events. In the summer, Pyhäjärvi houses Finland’s freshest weekend festival, Järvifestarit. Our selection of summer events is complemented by the July festival Kihupäivät, during which Pyhäjärvi folk of present and past as well as other summer guests gather for the weekend. The end of the summer sees the Täydenkuun Tanssit Festival, which is the most notable modern dancing event in Finland.
Though we’re known for being modest, we claim that Pyhäjärvi, a town of around 5,500 residents is the ideal place for living, business and tourism for people who value nature, services, innovative entrepreneurship as well as culture and exercising. 
Our town’s new website is capable of many feats, save mind-reading.
So please contact us!
Henrik Kiviniemi 
Town Manager
tel. 044 4457 701